Welcome to the new era of vlogging.

Take part of the vlog and postcast revolution by using high-tech virtual sets in your green screen productions and video-meetings.

Welcome to the new era of vlogging.

The world has changed and so have our ways of interacting with each other. Discover amazing virtual sets for your next live broadcast!

Welcome to the new era of vlogging.

Take your office with you — No matter where you're at. Create great greenscreen videos using state of the art Virtual Sets from Videorista.

Working from home has never felt so exciting!

The world has changed and so have our ways of interacting with each other. That's why we are happy to become your production-team companion during this new journey and help you deliver an amazing quality on your next live-broadcast, online meeting or video presentation.

Handcrafted Details

Our virtual sets are made with so much passion on every detail your audience won't tell the difference from reality.

Real Living Backgrounds

To make it stand out from any other virtual set we have added realistic movement, depth of field and foreground elements.

Highly Customizable

Find an animation you like and ask for a unique custom version that fits your story-telling needs.

Virtual Sets —
a digital frontier.

A virtual set for green screen is a 3D model (film scenario or television studio) converted into a seamless looping video which allows you to change the background (in most cases green) of your shot for any environment of your choosing.

But most important, a great virtual set often has real depth of field, 3D foreground elements and realistic moving backgrounds to make it look outstanding.

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What makes our chroma key virtual sets different from any other?

Instead of just using PNG images as green screen backgrounds which many times makes it look fake, we create cinematic scenes with real seamless motion, depth of field, noisy backgrounds, a variety of camera angles and realistic 3D foreground elements.

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