Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom Meetings and Green Screen Videos

What is a virtual background?

A virtual set or virtual background for green screen is basically any digital background, 3D environment, film set or television studio backdrop that is replaced for a solid background color (in most cases green).

But most important, a great virtual set often includes real depth of field, 3D foreground elements and photorealistic living backgrounds to make it stand our from the rest.

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What makes our chroma key virtual sets different from any other?

Instead of just using PNG images as green screen backgrounds which many times makes it look fake, we create cinematic scenes with real seamless motion, depth of field, noisy backgrounds, a variety of camera angles and realistic 3D foreground elements.

Why you should use Videorista virtual sets in your video production?

When you use a virtual set designed with so much detail and passion like ours, not only you lower your production budget instantly, but also you take your videos to a professional and cinematic level which translates into more views and greater audience retention.

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